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Netafrik.com is the go-to- place to find businesses, organizations, events, blogs, jobs, and real-estates created by, with, or for the African community globally.  Don’t miss out! Signup for free

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Business Directory
The global footprint of African businesses is growing at a fast pace. From individuals doing their own thing in their communities to multinational corporations that are setting the pace in the global competitive business ecosystem, African businesses are taking the lead and you don’t want to be left out in showcasing to the world what you can offer. Start by signing up for free and list your business to join the global space
Organizations Directory
Looking for an organization that is championing a social project in Africa? Or an organization that is serving the needs of Africans in the diaspora? Look no further! Search through our global list of African organizations to find that right group of people of similar interest to you. Don’t let your organization miss out on having a global presence and connecting with potential partners. Sign up and list it
With so many African events happening globally, netafrik.com has made it easy to find events of African interest to attend whether in-person or virtual. Events posted here are organized by Africans, with Africans, or benefiting the African community globally. Signup for free to post your event and get rolling!
There's something intriguing about write-ups from African: The originality, the perspective, the authenticity, and so much more. You love to read from African authors; We know it! . So go ahead and read blogs from our African community. You wrote for people to read, right? So share your blog post here and attract a wider range of readers globally.
Talent from Africa is unique, that's why you are prioritizing it when searching for applicants. Jobs in Africa are competitive. African business owners are cherished. If the nature of your job description, needs or requirements falls under any of these criteria, simply sign up for free to post it and let the right people find you.
Real Estate
Our Real-Estate portal is super cool. Find roommates, apartments, houses, lands, etc within the African community globally. It’s easy to search for what you need with our responsive filters. Looking for a roommate, to sell a property, rent out a facility etc? Signup for free to get on board and post a real estate listing.

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