We are a voluntary community based in the United Kingdom. We are currently working on to bring back the Marka dialect native to the Somali language. This is a very rare dialect which is fading out in the Banaadir community and I am aiming to prevent this for future generations who would want to speak the Marka dialect. Therefore, we would appreciate any help from any organisation which relates to helping communities and charities alike. Since the Civil War happened in Somalia (1991), most of the Banaadir (Reer Xamar) have fled out of the country which affected the culture and the dialect of Marka. As a part of Banaadir our aim is to resurrect this Marka dialect as it is rare to come by today. The new generation are unable to speak the Marka Dialect as they were born outside of the country, hence are unable to speak this rare dialect. Furthermore, there is no evidence of literature for people to refer to in order to practice this particular dialect spoken in the Somali language.

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