The Ghana Agricultural Chamber of Commerce was formed by agricultural entrepreneurs comprising agricultural producers, agro-processors, agro-input dealers, agricultural mechanization service providers, agricultural equipment suppliers, buyers and distributors of agricultural produce, agricultural produce transporters, agricultural professionals, farmer-based organizations, and agricultural non-governmental organizations, etc. in Ghana in 2014 and registered in 2015 under the companies code of Ghana 1963 Act 179.

The chamber aims to provide a medium through which members can trade, interact and lobby for mutual benefits for the advancement, promotion, and protection of general commercial and professional business interests.

It also aims to stimulate public awareness, offer advisory services, train the youth and prospective clients interested in venturing into the agricultural sector of Ghana and ensure that all members adhere to standards and regulations.

Developing strategic relationships with agricultural and industrial organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and investors, locally and internationally through effective collaboration for the mutual benefit of members is another aim of the chamber.

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