The mission of the Ghana Association of Rhode Island is primarily to unite Ghanaians in our state in promoting and educating ourselves in areas of Immigration, Health, Culture and Traditional Values.

We take pride in all the good deeds the Ghana Association undertake in an effort to make a difference. Our hope is to create and maintain an informative, educational and directive Web Site which represents Ghana Association and directs the public to our mission.

To organize, support and encourage participation of as many members and their families as possible in social activities.

To promote programs of informational and educational activities to all members.
To represent the interest of members within the community and U.S.A .at large.
To mediate and resolve misunderstandings among members.
To assist and protect members and fellow Ghanaians in difficulty where possible.
To contribute toward Ghana and U.S.A. national development.
To promote co-operation between the Association associations with similar interest.

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