GHANA INTERNATIONAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION ( GIWA) - Our Association is full of people from different backgrounds and cultures who want to network and learn from each other in the midst of Joy or sadness. We have a track record of providing a support structure for our members who either are celebrating their BDs or lost a love one.  We guarantee your welfare when you most need it. We care ... We love

A nonprofit, welfare and developmental association of Ghanaian Nurses and their spouses.

Hospital Equipment Donation to Deprived Hospitals in Ghana
We mobilize our Members/ volunteers to make a real difference Networking with Donor Agencies , Organisations and the corporate world to create the needed awareness especially the No bed syndrome and lack of urgent medical equipment at our Hospitals . Join us and see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team to focus on this . We take donations form local and international  businesses and use them to reverse  these chronic situations in our hospitals. Help us connect with donors and with people in need


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