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Job details

As Wood Mill’s CEO, you will be responsible for getting Wood Mill investment ready and securing investment, establishing operations and maturing and growing the business. Your duties will mostly cover strategic leadership, financial management and fundraising, operational excellence, team building and management and stakeholder engagement.
1. Strategic leadership:
a. Support Wood Mill’s Board to set the strategic direction and vision for the company, in alignment with the company’s vision, mission and aims.
b. Develop and implement comprehensive strategies to drive growth, increase market share and maximise profitability and develop and update Wood Mill’s business plan and annual strategies.
c. Identify and capitalise on new market opportunities, emerging trends and potential partnerships or collaborations.
2. Financial management and fundraising:
a. Oversee the financial operations of Wood Mill, including budgeting, financial planning and financial reporting.
b. Support secure commercial investment for the timber processing facility, working closely with the appointed Project Developers.
c. Oversee the development of financial models, projections and business cases to support commercial and investment negotiations and decisions.
3. Operational excellence:
a. Develop and implement company policies, standards and operational procedures to ensure proper governance and legal and regulatory compliance, increase transparency, accountability, uniformity and stability and optimise productivity, cost management and quality control.
b. Ensure the efficient and effective operations across Wood Mill’s supply chain, from working with growers on commercial forest management, to harvest and haulage, processing, marketing and logistics.
c. Continuously monitor and evaluate operational performance, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes.
4. Team building and management:
a. Build and lead a high-performing team of employees and contractors, fostering a positive, inclusive and productive work culture.
b. Recruit, develop and retain top talent and expertise, providing guidance, mentorship and professional development opportunities.
c. Promote collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing among team members.
5. Stakeholder engagement:
a. Represent Wood Mill at events and to external stakeholders, including investors, customers, suppliers, regulators, government agencies, industry associations and local communities.
b. Build and maintain positive relationships, negotiate partnerships or agreements and address stakeholder concerns or inquiries.
c. Promote Wood Mill’s commitment to sustainability, responsible forestry practices and social responsibility, including promoting FSC certification within Wood Mill’s grower network.
You will also be expected to perform day-to-day operational tasks and engage in areas of work traditionally outside the traditional CEO’s purview.

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