Electrical, Control and Automation Leads

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Job details

The Lead Engineer provides support to the project Engineering Manager and is responsible for supervising a team of systems and process control engineers and designers. The Lead Engineer provides leadership and assists in the resolution of all technical and team issues related to the discipline. In addition, the Lead Engineer defines and develops the plan to meet the project requirements and manages the team of systems and process control engineers and designers to achieve the expected results in terms of safety, quality, cost and schedule.

Key Responsibilities

· Develop a thorough understanding of the project requirements as they relate to scope, cost and schedule.

· Prepare a list of engineering deliverables and time based functions to facilitate the planning and control of the engineering budget.

· Develop the systems and process control work plan for insertion into the specific Project Execution Plan (PEP).

· Develop and maintain the project’s scope of work documentation and revise as required during the design evolution.

· Manage and review the Engineering Work Packages (EWPs) associated with all deliverables and time based functions to ensure that budgets and schedules are being met, and take corrective action if necessary.

· Agree and align with the client on design criteria for the project.

· Review and approve the design criteria for the control system and other components of the full suite documents.

· Review and approve the engineering and design standards.

· Review and approve technical deliverables (specifications, datasheets, drawings, etc.)

· Assist in the preparation and development of project specific procedures.

· Define the system requirements to achieve the project results and monitor effectiveness.

· Assign work tasks (via approved EWPs) to members of the project team and continuously monitor progress and quality.

· Represent the discipline in project engineering coordination meetings.

· Schedule, coordinate and participate in design reviews.

· Schedule, coordinate and participate in HAZOP, HAZID, SIL and other process safety reviews.

· Ensure coordination, between the team and other disciplines, of all activities being performed as the design evolves.

· Ensure that quality audits of engineering work are carried out in accordance with project procedures and the Quality Assurance Plan as documented in the PEP.

· Promote and maintain the application of ethical and professional practices in the execution ofengineering work.

· Ensure that all work designed, manufactured and supplied in the engineering discipline complies with the relevant sections of the region specific occupational health and safety laws or act.

· Actively manage design changes and any changes having a (potential) effect on cost and/or schedule (change management), by establishing and maintaining events and change logs on a continuous basis.

· Actively manage and promote value engineering with particular emphasis on energy management.

· Drive and manage client engagement on projects.

· Keep track of lessons learned and publish to lesson learned database.

· Ensure that any of the team members required to participate in site based work or activities are informed of the safety requirements with respect to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specific site hazards and requirements and travel arrangements.

· Encourage an attitude of engagement with the risk mitigation strategies and initiatives employed by Hatch on the projects.

· Lead by example with respect to safety and designing for safety and encourage all team members to support this process.

· Always be on the lookout for business opportunities for type work and promote Hatch capabilities.




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