Engineer, Mechanical

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Job details

Overall Job Purpose:
Reporting to the Assistant Technical Manager, you will be responsible for assisting in the establishment of preventative and responsive mechanical fixed plant maintenance within the FQM Trident mine process plant: to ensure maximum operational performance is achieved in a safe and cost effective manner. Your duties will include but are not limited to the following:

Specific Job Responsibilities:
The position of mechanical fixed plant maintenance engineer will be required to adhere to all relevant requirements, policies, procedures and legal regulations pertaining to health, safety, environment and quality, as well as finance, human resources, and any other regulations as required by the company and relevant to the level of the role and responsibilities of the function.


  • Provide guidance on the installation of new mechanical fixed plant operational equipment and systems, replacement of old, faulty or redundant mechanical fixed plant operational equipment and systems, inside the process plant as per the company and vendor’s safety and quality specifications.

Mechanical protection:

  • Provide guidance on the mechanical fixed plant equipment to have the correct protection and safety parameter settings for safe and effective operation.


  • Provide guidance on the companies planned and preventative maintenance schedules and procedures for fixed plant mechanical equipment.

Reporting and record keeping:

  • Report all incidents immediately to your direct supervisor.
  • Provide guidance on all safety logbooks regarding inspections and authorizations according to the FQM Trident logbook procedure.

Stock Control:

  • Provide guidance on stock levels of mechanical fixed plant equipment to be held in the warehouse and report all defective or substandard equipment to your direct supervisor.

Tools and audit:

  • Provide guidance on the correct type of all hand tools, required for the work within the fixed plant mechanical section.
  • Provide guidance on the safe usage of all mobile / hydraulic tools, required for the work within your section.
  • Provide guidance on the reporting of defective tools, the correct usage and control of hand tools.
  • Provide guidance on all mine site mechanical fixed plant drawings to be kept up to date and verified for redlined updates to be submitted to the drafting section for redrafting.

Training and development:

  • Provide knowledge and skills training for onsite personal, through our VFL program.
  • Assist in identifying of needs for specialised training requirements within the fixed plant area of responsibility.
  • Assist in implementation of a reliable Zambian development program [succession planning] to guide and mentor upcoming leaders in your section, ensuring the record keeping are transparent and available for auditing purposes.

Other duties:

  • Assist in planning, coordinating, training and supervising all fixed plant mechanical functions. This include safety, scheduling, engineering specifications, material control and day to day direction on technical information.
  • Assist in creating of downtime / lost time, reports in a timely manner and presented to senior staff after each substantial production loss (due to equipment failure in the fixed plant), for evaluation and escalation to senior management.
  • Any other duties as directed by your direct supervisor.

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