Materials Lab Technologist

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Job details

Key roles the Materials Laboratory Engineer is involved in, include the supervision of:
• Opening and developing quarries.
• Producing concrete for shotcrete, pre-cast TBM tunnel segments and cast in-situ concrete.
This position requires the following actions to be followed by the candidate:
• Full understanding and knowledge of the Specification requirements relating to concrete material testing:
o Chapter 13 – Rock Support (Shotcrete)
o Chapter 25 – Concrete Aggregate (Concrete and Aggregate)
o Chapter 26 – Precast Concrete Tunnel Lining (Concrete Segments).
• Check that all testing equipment conforms to the requirements as per the testing standards and that all calibrations are in place.
• Confirm that the contractor’s material testers comply with the testing methods as per Specification.
• Lead mechanical and chemical aggregate tests.
• Lead the development of grading of concrete and shotcrete sand and aggregates.
• Participate and, together with the laboratory manager, RE and CRE, decide on the concrete and shotcrete mix designs.
• Ensure acceptance testing on all concrete materials are carried out using the approved testing methods as per Specification.
• Witness all concrete mix design development and shotcrete in-situ placing for mix design acceptance.
• Confirm that all time related testing is carried out as specified for shotcrete and concrete.
• Be present and approve concrete batch plant calibrations as well as the steam injection calibrations with each calibration. The calibrations will take place as per the Specification or whenever requested by the Engineer.
• Checking and compiling tables of concrete batch plant print out records for compliance to the parameter limits as specified.
• Ensure that the Contractor complies with all the requirements as specified with the manufacturing, transporting, placing, and curing of concrete and shotcrete.
• Ensure that the Contractor strictly complies with all the parameters related to the manufacturing and curing of concrete tunnel lining segments as per Specification.
• Inspect all precast segments for compliance at the required intervals: After casting, moving to curing racks, moving to storage yard, 28-day inspections for defects and repair methods to be applied, stacking yard at portal entrance, prior to moving into tunnel for placing. All must be inspected to be compliant to the conditions as per Specification.
• Identify damaged precast concrete segments.
• Decide on repairs of damaged concrete segments.
• Compile the Concrete Lining Segment approval document (signed off by MSKC and the Contractor) to release concrete tunnel lining segments for installation in the tunnel lining.
• Compile registers for all concrete aggregate, concrete and shotcrete (as per individual mix designs), with result graphs, analysis and evaluation.
• Supervise the Material Laboratory Technologist and Material testers.
• All material technical issues to be reported to the laboratory manager.
• Submit weekly and monthly updated materials reports to the laboratory manager.
• Arrange and chair, initially bi-weekly, and thereafter monthly materials meetings.
• Attend monthly progress meetings.
The above requirements may be adjusted to suit the Contractors production program.



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