Process Engineering Manager

  • Job offer has expired
  • Johannesburg

Job details

Job Objective:

The Process Engineering Manager is accountable to ensure that the company has the appropriate process resources to profitably achieve and maintain its objective of becoming the premier mineral resource engineering company internationally.

Key Responsibilities;

  • Accountable to develop, maintain and improve technical expertise within the Process Group.
  • Ensure that the appropriate people are recruited, retained and developed within the Process Group and optimally utilised to deliver high-quality process engineering work for studies and projects.
  • Accountable to provide the frame and context for the Process Group and to give feedback and recognition for direct reports.
  • Accountable to develop and retain the relevant competencies within the Process Group to secure and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Manage the Process Group to ensure that a good quality product is delivered on time and in accordance with budget parameters.
  • Ensure that the organisation’s strategic objectives are communicated and translated.
  • Assist in securing future projects.
  • Manage the Process Group to ensure that all process practices and systems are reviewed and continuously improved and optimised to continuously deliver a high-quality product at optimal cost.
  • Appoint the appropriate calibre of people to meet the needs of internal and external clients.
  • Contributes to the enhancement of value-adding outputs and positive teamwork at the management level.
  • Champion the Process Group.




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