Senior Geochemistry/Environmental Geology Consultant

  • Job offer has expired
  • Southern Suburbs

Job details

Job Description

A suitably qualified consultant with experience in geology and/or geochemistry consulting related to contamination management, mining and remediation processes.

The candidate will be required to ensure technical delivery of projects, including risk and quality management. The candidate should have experience in development of technical documents (reports) for key clients throughout various project execution phases (pre-feasibility, feasibility, site assessment, remediation, and decommissioning/closure). The candidate will maintain, build, and further develop client relationships as part of project delivery and business development. The candidate should have experience in managing and executing projects in South Africa and elsewhere.

Core functions

  • Manage geochemistry, contamination, and remediation projects.
  • Compile proposals and reports.
  • Coordinate project schedules.
  • Manage budgets.
  • Appoint and manage sub-contractors.
  • Develop and sustain new business and client relationships.
  • Mentor junior colleagues.

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