Senior Tunnelling Engineer

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  • Johannesburg

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Join our Project Delivery Group (PDG), a dynamic team of professionals passionately committed to world-class project delivery across the globe. With expertise in sustainable studies, asset building and operations, and industry-leading efficiencies, our best-in-class team leverages methodologies, governance and systems that are unparalleled in the engineering space. Are you looking for an opportunity to join a diverse group of professionals who are committed to remaining exceptional? We look forward to hearing from you.

Senior Tunnelling Engineers will be full-time in Lesotho (Polihali/Katse Construction Sites) during construction of the Polihali Transfer Tunnel project.

Senior Tunnelling Engineers will be involved in day to day site supervision and construction monitoring activities from technical point of view and will be responsible to provide technical support to the MSKC site supervision team as and when required. They will initially assess the requirements of design adjustments, where applicable, during the construction and communicate with the MSKC design team and the MSKC specialists. Once the majority of detailed design works are complete, when required, the senior tunnelling engineers will be dealing with the modifications of relevant revisions of drawings in particular tunnels, shafts, access adits, tunnel portals construction related drawings as well as as-built drawings on site with the reviews of the MSKC specialists and MSKC Chief Design Engineer where required. The technical support team will also carry out design adjustments and design verifications during construction and perform any required back calculations/back analyses of underground structures in case of unforeseen ground conditions on site. TBM data analyses, penetration prediction model creation and updating, verification of PCTL, etc. will be carried out by the senior tunnelling engineers or under their supervision.

Senior Tunnelling Engineers will assist CRE, REs, contracts engineers in contractual matters i.e. NCR, VOs, Claims, extension of time, etc,, when required, during construction of the D&B and TBM waterway tunnels, tunnel portals, access adits, gate shafts, gate shaft gallery, lake tap and outlet and intake tunnels.




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