Vice President: ESG Data Management and Disclosure

  • Job offer has expired
  • South Africa

Job details

Role Details

Gold Fields is currently seeking a Vice President: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Data Management and Disclosure to join the Group Sustainable Development team. Reporting to the Executive Vice President Sustainable Development, this role will lead the implementation and management of credible and compliant group level ESG disclosures, assurance and disclosure frameworks and managing risks, reputation and emerging trends.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Lead the implementation and oversight of ESG reporting systems, assurance and disclosures across functions and regions.
  • Lead the development of ESG assurance and disclosure targets, standards, systems, reporting, performance tracking, assurance and change management to facilitate the delivery of the strategies while enhancing Gold Fields’ reputation and mitigating ESG disclosure risk. Demonstrate Gold Fields’ leading commitment to ESG and build long term credibility through influencing planning, reliable monitoring, assurance, and credible reporting of ESG, environmental, safety and social performance.
  • Develop and implement the Group ESG assurance and disclosure strategy in response to Gold Fields’ mining operations, stakeholder, emerging disclosure, and reporting expectations
  • Design to ensure alignment with existing and new ESG disclosure requirements of external compliance requirements, disclosure and reporting frameworks and trends (such as ICMM, WGC, SEC, ISSB etc.)
  • Drive credible, transparent, timeous, multi-stakeholder focused, compliant and assured ESG disclosures to the Gold Fields Board and Executive Management with a collaborate and multifunctional approach between relevant corporate functions and the regions
  • Lead and support the Group sustainability non-financial data reliability, management, reporting, assurance, and disclosures to ensure full validation of disclosed ESG data
  • Support business decision making processes and the integration of ESG disclosure priorities into Group policies, business strategy, planning, systems and processes


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