Koshari Street been founded in 2013 with the aim of serving naturally healthy fast food in London. Anissa Helou, a well-known chef specialising in foods of the Middle East helped to create our signature dish the Classic Koshari Bowl. Koshari itself isn’t necessarily one singular recipe but rather an aggregation of separate components that happen to be plated together.

The idea was to take a classic dish and give it our own twist. Koshari is the national dish of Egypt and therefore it is a perfect introduction into the Egyptian cuisine. Koshari Street was a one dish concept at the beginning, only serving

Classic Koshari with mild, medium or hot tomato sauce. Over time, we had a lot of customers asking for either plant or protein toppings.

Koshari Street was entirely vegan until we added Lamb & Beef to the selection in 2016 which was the first protein topping.

The Covent Garden location been re-launched in May 2019 with more naturally healthy options and a brand new design.

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