The London GaDangme Fellowship was established by members of the GaDangme Community in London.

Provision of welfare and pastoral care for members and non-members, particularly, the elderly, children and the poor.
Provision of education and various educational facilities, (books, school building facilities, etc.) to poor families in Ghana.
Award of scholarships to children of poor families to attend higher education and provide financial support for disability institutions in Ghana and the UK.
Assist with the provision of premises for place of Christian worship in poor GaDangme villages.
To establish senior citizensˊ club to provide weekly sharing of lunch together and physical exercises. Thus, providing opportunity for social interaction and befriending to mitigate isolation and loneliness.
There would also be advice sessions on health, lifestyle and diet, safety, social welfare, immigration, pensions, housing and educational issues.
Further, there would be trips and outings to places of interest and historic values, and
To organise educational public lectures.

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