Mtoto Africa - Mtoto means child in Swahili. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Mtoto Africa funds education and community support as a pathway out of poverty for some of Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

Theory of Change
Mtoto Africa was launched in 2008, by founder, Fredrick Gituku. Initially, we began services through our Comet House in 2014, which was a home to 12 underprivileged children from a Kenyan village where Fredrick grew up. They were provided basic needs like clothing, shelter, food and academic supports, which allowed them to focus on education. Given the success of the program, and considering education needs and magnitude we identified over time, we decided to start our own school. Most schools, private and public tend to have large class sizes, some up to 70 in a classroom and only one educator in the room.

The Comet House School intends to include pre-school and grades Kindergarten through 12th. Our vision is to supplement the education expenses for half of our enrolled underprivileged students through scholarships with the others paying full tuition. In alignment with our Theory of Change, this gives underprivileged children the same advantage of a quality education and a chance to break generational cycles of poverty

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