Walia Ethiopian Restaurant - “When you visit Walia, we want you to feel as part of our family and experience authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We are so honored to share more than Ethiopian food with our community, but also our culture. We are always happy to answer any questions that curious customers may have.”

– Shewaye Yassin, owner

The Walia ibex (Capra walie) is a species of wild goat that is found exclusively in the mountains of northern Ethiopia. Nearly all of the remaining endangered population resides along 15.5 miles in the Simien Mountains National Park. These mountains are characterized by huge gullies and gorges, where the very agile Walia ibex are able to inhabit even the most slippery, remote rocky cliffs and survive on very sparse vegetation.


The striking coloration and magnificent arching horns that distinguish the Walia ibex from other species of ibex. They have a beautiful chocolate-brown to chestnut-brown coat that is grayish around the muzzle and a lighter gray around the eyes and along the legs. Their bellies and inside legs are white and the mature males sport black beards. There are also contrasting black and white marking patterns along the legs. Adult males generally weigh 180-280 pounds and have very large horns that arch backwards in lengths up to 43.3 inches. Females also have horns, but are smaller and thinner than males with paler color markings.

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