Why Africa Prints Money In Europe

Post by DW - At least 40 African countries print their money in the UK, France and Germany — decades after independence, raising questions about self-sufficiency. DW examines what prompts them to outsource their currency production.

Last July, a delegation from The Gambia visiting the Nigerian Central Bank asked if the Gambian dalasi could be ordered from its West African neighbor.

The Gambia’s central bank governor, Buah Saidy, said the country was running low on its national currency.

The tiny West African country had to redesign its currency after the defeat of former President Yahya Jammeh, who ruled The Gambia from 1994 until he was forced into exile after refusing to accept defeat in the 2016 elections.

Jammeh, who is accused of human rights violations and killings of political opponents during his 22-year reign, had images of himself on the nation’s banknotes.

After his ouster, the Gambian Central Bank set about destroying those images…

– Post by DW

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