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About Le Riad

It all started in his grandmother’s kitchen in Morocco when, as a teenager, he assisted her in the preparation of large family tables. The grandmother prepared everything by herself and exclusively by working with fresh products. He spent hours assisting her in the preparation of the vegetables, the semolina and in the cooking of the meats, hours of work which were rewarded by the smiles of the guests.

In order to perpetuate the traditions of his grandmother’s cooking, our chef decided to make his passion his full-time job. He began his training in the kitchens of large hotels in Agadir, Morocco. Alongside a great chef in Moroccan gastronomy, he acquired the rules and techniques of catering as well as all the secrets of oriental and Mediterranean cuisine.

On his twentieth birthday, alone, he set out to conquer Paris, the gastronomic capital, with the background of mastering catering techniques and the ancestral culinary know-how of Moroccan gastronomy. Thirsty to broaden his professional palette, he trained in the rules of hygiene and nutrition. For more than 10 years, he will be the chef for several Parisian restaurants and oriental caterers.
In 2013, the loss of his family was felt, so he left his favorite city to join his relatives in Meurthe-et-Moselle. New challenge, start all over again in an unknown region. Quickly, he met a restaurateur looking for a cook. In a very short time our enthusiast stood out for his know-how, his rigor and his good humor.

Bolstered by his confidence and highly motivated, he attempted a successful new adventure in the Grand Duchy as a chef in an oriental restaurant. Then, in less than two years, the restaurant Le Riad was born from the desire to share his love of cooking and to discover the traditional Moroccan gastronomy of La Mamie.





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