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About Legacy Foods Limited

Legacy Foods Limited is a wholly Ghanaian owned agro-processing company. Incorporated in January 2019 and started full operation in June of same year.

Our core passion is the processing of roots, tubers and other staple foods into conveniently packaged, ready to cook forms. We currently process Ghana yam and sweet potatoes into conveniently packaged, frozen FreshCut yam chips and sweet potato fries.

With rapid urbanization across the African continent comes the ever-increasing demand for a more convenient way of cooking. There has been a gradual increase in full or partial processed and prepackaged foods on the shelves in our malls and local supermarkets, many of which are imported into the country.

There is a push by government to promote local/indigenous industrialization and this coupled with the various programs to increase our food security means that in the medium to long term, the factors that have hitherto mitigated the growth of Ghanaian businesses in the food processing space will be a thing of the past. Already Ghana, according to the ministry of Agriculture as at the end of 2018, is self-sustaining when it comes to yam production and in fact now exports more yam to the neighboring countries than before. Yam is a West African staple food, enjoyed across the world as a snack or main meal. It can be boiled, roasted, baked or fried, making it a very versatile food item. The market for yam, is therefore significantly large and traverses our borders.




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